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Does Basic require approvals?

Basic has no visit or pageview requirements for sites; however, sites must fulfill common industry ad policy requirements. This includes criteria like having original content, real human traffic, and content that is not considered "objectionable" by standards established by Google and others. Please review AdSense policy as a reference.

Before a site will be able to show ads using Basic, they will have to complete the Google MCM registration and ensure they have an ads.txt file on their site. As long as a site meets the policy requirements summarized above, it will be approved to serve ads immediately following registration of their MCM account and propagation of their ads.txt file (typically 24-48hrs). Often, sites may experience a wait of up to 7 days for Google to process registration but should ensure they have not missed steps in the process; such as an email sent to them for completion.

How can I turn off certain ads?

Ad Placements are handled automatically. This limits the controls available for changing what types or placements are shown. To offer Basic as it is, simplification is required to reduce complexity.

These are only ad controls available in Basic:
- Anchor ads on/off
- Ads off by page

These settings are available in the settings area of the dashboard after logging in.

To have greater control over ad placements, publishers should consider upgrading to Ezoic via Cloud integration for universal control of ads, placements, and advertisers.

Is Basic the same as Ezoic, but just in a tag?

No. Basic and Ezoic are different. Ezoic will always provide higher revenue. Basic will typically provide revenue greater than AdSense, but 25-100% less than Ezoic.

Ezoic offers a much richer suite of tools for monetizing sites that includes additional ad partners and controls designed to help publishers easily monetize their site to its fullest potential.

MCM is still pending. How long does it take?

Google MCM allows you to register your site with Google to show ads from its ad exchange using Basic. It is not a review of your site's merit. There will usually be a 24-48 hour wait until Google processes the registration.

I am having an issue with the Google MCM process.

If a site already has created an MCM account prior to using Basic, or has an existing AdSense account, this should be toggled to "yes" when prompted during registration inside the Basic dashboard. If "No" is toggled on, Basic will automatically submit registration using the email you used to create your Basic account. The email associated with the MCM/AdSense account will receive next steps to confirm the correct email if an existing account was connected to the site. If "No" was selected, the email confirmation will be sent to the email on your Basic account.

The email from Google will require sites to click on a link in the email to complete registration. Sites should confirm they clicked this link if they experience a "pending" status in their Basic dashboard for more than a few days, as this step is commonly missed.

If a site had an AdSense or Ad Manager account EVER connected to the site previously, yet selected "No" during the registration process, Google will deny access, because two Google accounts cannot be connected to one site. This will result in a significant delay in having a site processed for ad serving. Sites that experience this issue should keep an eye on their inbox for future next steps, but note that backlogs at Google can take a long time to resolve this.

How does Basic make more than AdSense?

Basic provides all the advertisers in AdSense, plus other ad networks and advertisers that bid against them to drive up the price paid to the website showing ads.

AdSense is Google's ad network and only includes Google advertisers. Google Ad Manager is an ad server only available to major brands and partners, like Basic (Ezoic Inc. LLC), that provides access to Google's ad exchange (AdX). This ad exchange includes all the advertisers in AdSense plus thousands of ad networks that are able to connect to a protocol that allows them to bid against Google advertisers.

AdX has previously been more difficult to access and set up for sites in the past. Basic makes accessing the increase in revenue from AdX competition easier than ever before.

Can I use Basic on multiple websites?


Once you have an account, you can add an unlimited number of sites. Simply log in to your dashboard and click on the "add a site" button.

How do I get the tag for my site?

The script is available in the center of your main dashboard after creating an account and logging in. You won't have access to the script until you have an account created.

Can I speak with support staff?

Basic is a self-serve product designed so that it wouldn't require any direct support. If you notice a bug or an issue, you can login to your dashboard and leave feedback for our team.

If sites upgrade to Ezoic from Basic, Ezoic provides a fully-staffed support team and a progressive one-to-one expert service to sites that are eligible.

How much does Basic cost?

Basic accounts are free to create and maintain. Sites keep 100% of revenue for the first 30 days. After 30 days, any revenue accrued from using Basic will have an automatic 20% deducted to pay for the cost of using Basic. Basic never "charges" any fees and does NOT require a credit card.

Sites interested in keeping a larger portion of revenue can upgrade to Ezoic's full-platform.

Do sites need AdSense to use Basic?

No, an AdSense account is not required to use Basic. However, a site must be in good standing with Google and AdSense to qualify for Basic.

I am on the waitlist and have a question.

The waitlist is only being used during the launch of Basic to ensure our goal of having a fully transparent public database of performance vs. AdSense. Once our launch is complete, any site will be able to sign up and begin using Basic instantly.

If a site is on the waitlist, we cannot offer a timeline for when — or if — a site will be emailed an account during launch.

If a site on the waitlist was sent an account, the site will have 7 days to begin setup of Basic. After 7 days, if a site HAS NOT set up their account yet, they will be moved back onto the waitlist to help us ensure that all sites have an opportunity to join the launch.

Can I use Basic if I use Ezoic, or have an old Ezoic account?

No. Unfortunately, not. Sites should keep in mind that Basic would perform worse than Ezoic on their sites in terms of speed and revenue.

There are limitations that prevent us from offering Basic to any current or former Ezoic customers, as it could affect their ability to work with a Google partner like Ezoic and would result in a decline in performance that sites strongly dislike.

What are Basic invites and how do they work

To accelerate our public launch, we are providing sites that are selected from the waitlist with 3 invitations they can send to other sites.

A site that joins Basic via an invite from another publisher can access Basic instantly and bypass the waitlist.

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