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Earn more than AdSense in less than 38 seconds

Basic ads expands upon what is offered by AdSense. Basic provides access to Google's advertisers + thousands of competing ad networks all in a single tag, just like Auto Ads.

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" that are actually worth showing"


Ad Networks
Google's Ad Exchange + other ad networks, allowing more advertisers to bid on your website


Ad Tag
Setting up basic is as easy as copy/paste. One ad tag goes in the site header, like Auto Ads.


To Setup
Try ads for the first time or move off of AdSense without fear of wasting time.


Visit Requirements
No need to fret about needing enough visitors. Basic is for all sites.

Why basic is better...


Provides Google's advertisers and  additional ad networks,


Basic is available around the world and in almost every country,.


Net 30 payment terms with payment threshold of only $20 USD.

Ease of Use

No complex setup or long wait times. Easier than AdSense to get started.

It pays to be basic...
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Basic is Safe and Trustworthy

Basic is a simple product created by Ezoic, a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Tens of thousands of sites use Ezoic products and together sites using Ezoic technology account for approximately 1.2 billion pageviews a month, according to Quantcast. For more information and about Basic, visit our FAQ page.